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  X-Wire™ Frequently Asked Questions  

This section of the website provides answers to frequently asked questions about X-Wire™ Technology. Should you have any further questions, please visit our Contact page.


1. What is X-Wire™ insulated bonding wire technology?

X-Wire™ is a proprietary thin film dielectric coating, developed by Microbonds Inc., that is applied to bare bonding wires to create an insulated bonding wire that allows wires to touch without the risk of electrical short circuit. The current product versions are available in 18, 20, 23 & 25 micron diameter gold (Au) base wire and copper (Cu) base wire.

3. What is a Head Start Kit?

A X-Wire™ Head Start Kit contains reference materials and information to help users understand the basic differences between using bare wire and insulated wire in the packaging environment.

4. What are the advantages of using insulated bonding wire vs. standard (bare) bonding wire?

Insulated bonding wire extends current wire bond design rules by allowing wire touching and crossing, wire sweeping, long wires, and wires beyond current exit angle restrictions.

5. What are the differences between bonding with insulated bonding wire and bare bonding wire?

When using insulated bonding wire, minor process changes are required, involving:
          Setup of the wire bonder
          Optimizing 1st and 2nd bond parameters
          Optimizing plasma and mold process parameters
          Understanding insulated bonding wire design rules
All of this information is contained in the X-Wire™ Head Start Kit.

6. Do I need to replace my existing assembly infrastructure?

No. X-Wire™ can be used directly on existing wire bonders, and with minimal changes to the existing assembly infrastructure. Best known methods and recommended process parameters are available from Microbonds and leading industry alliance partners for many applications and are detailed in the X-Wire™ Head Start Kit.

7. Is X-Wire™ insulated copper bonding wire available?

Yes. Microbonds is currently releasing samples of an insulated copper bonding wire. If you have a specific application requiring insulated copper bonding wire, please contact: Microbonds sales@microbonds.com.


8. Can I use my current bare wire 1st and 2nd bond parameters with X-Wire™?

In most cases, no. There are minor, but important differences in FAB and second bond parameters between bare wire and X-Wire™ bond processes. X-Wire™ wire bonding parameters should be optimized by starting fresh, using the techniques described in the X-Wire™ Head Start Kit or by contacting Microbonds.

9. Do you need special first bond parameters for X-Wire™?

Yes. First bond parameters are similar, but not equal, to bare bonding wire. Slightly decreasing ultrasonic power and force is recommended to achieve the typical strength, shape and IMC targets required to meet standard industry specifications.

10. Do you need special second bond parameters for X-Wire™?

Yes. A strong second bond with insulated wire is achieved by exposing the core bonding wire to the bonding material. To date, it has been found that this can occur through the use of three methods, which are standard features on wire bonders: (1) using high contact velocity, (2) using high initial bond force, and/or (3) by scrubbing the wire and the bonding surface interface. Please contact Microbonds for specific recommended parameters.

11. Is X-Wire™ compatible with pre-mold plasma treating processes?

X-Wire™ has been successfully tested using 400W / 400sec argon plasma with March PX-1000 systems. A specific magazine and shelf loading configuration is recommended to avoid the possibility of 'hot-spots' in the plasma chamber, which may damage the coating. Additional information is described in this white paper. Specific shelf configurations and process parameters are contained in the X-Wire™ CD-ROM provided with the Head Start Kit.

12. Is X-Wire™ compatible with green molding compound with high reflow temperature?

X-Wire™ has been shown to be compatible to popular green molding compounds such as: Nitto Denko GE and Sumitomo G760 series EMC, passing MSL-2 and MSL-3 conditions.

13. What is the coating material?

The coating is a proprietary organic thin film material exhibiting the properties of: high dielectric strength, high crack resistance, high flexural strength, strong adhesion to gold, solvent resistance, high temperature stability, low ionic content and low VOC emission.

14. Is X-Wire™ ROHS compliant?

X-Wire™ does not contain any banned substances described in ROHS guidelines.

15. What are Breaking load and Elongation of X-Wire™?

The Breaking Load and Elongation are similar to the original bare bonding wire, upon which it is coated.

16. Where can I find additional product and technical information?

Additional information, such as: application notes, whitepapers and technical conference materials can be downloaded from our Technical Literature page.

17. How can I get an answer to a specific question not covered on this FAQ page?

Please submit your questions by email to: sales@microbonds.com.