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'Microelectronic Wire Bonding with Insulated Au Wire- Effects of Process Parameters on Insulation Removal and Crescent Bonding' by Jaesik Lee, Michael Mayer, Norman Zhou, John Persic; Materials Transactions, Vol. 49, No. 10 (2008) pp. 2347 to 2353, 2008 The Japan Institute of Metals 474 kB
'Robust Wirebonding of X-Wire Insulated Bonding Wire Technology' by Christopher Carr, Juan Munar, William Crockett, Robert Lyn, Microbonds Inc. Presented at IMAPS 2007, San Jose, CA. 167 kB
'Pull Force and Tail Breaking Force Optimization of the Crescent Bonding Process with Insulated Au Wire' by J. Lee, M. Mayer & Y. Zhou, University of Waterloo, J. Persic, Microbonds Inc. Presented at EPTC 2007, Singapore. 812 kB
''Assembly Using X-Wire™ Insulated Bonding Wire Technology' by Robert Lyn and William (Bud) Crockett; MEPTEC Report / Q3 2007, Bonding Wire Technology. 398 kB
'Analysis between Wire Bonding and flip Chip Interconnect Technology' by E. Jan Vardaman, President, Tech Search International, Inc. 2.7 Mb
SPT/Microbonds :: Application Note - 'Stitch Bond Enhancement for X–Wire™ with Stitch Integrator (SI) Capillary™'. 133 kB
March Plasma Systems/Microbonds :: Application Note - 'Plasma Treatment of X–Wire™'. 106 kB
'Assembly Using X-Wire™ Insulated Bonding Wire Technology' (Conference Paper: Semicon Singapore 2007) by Robert Lyn, William Crockett. 403 kB
'X-Wire™ - Insulated Wire Bonding Technology', ASM/SPT Data Sheet. 115 kB
'X-Wire™ - Wire Bonding Interconnection Technology', ASM Wire Bonding Brief/ ASM 製品 概要. 300 kB
'X-Wire™ Technology Insulated Bonding Wire', Product Sheet. 382 kB
'X-Wire™ White Paper'. 14 kB
'Microbonds X-Wire™ Technology Overview', May 2006. 1.4 Mb
'Overview of X-Wire™? Insulated Bonding Wire Technology' (Conference Paper: IMAPS 2006) by Robert Lyn, John Persic, Young-Kyu Song. 581 kB