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  Technology Partners  
  Microbonds actively engages in cooperative technology partnerships with industry leaders in order to reduce the time and cost of adoption, and to improve the performance and reliability of X-Wire™ Technology. Our technical programs are primarily designed to support customer applications and to assist users in developing manufacturing processes using X-Wire™. Interested companies are encouraged to contact sales@microbonds.com.  
  Key Relationships  
ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.
  ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment in both front- and back-end markets. The Company possesses a strong technological base, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a competent and qualified workforce and a highly trained, strategically distributed support network.

Each of ASM International's major products are qualified for 300mm wafer processing, the wafer size of the future. This and other leading-edge process and equipment developments ensure ASM International a position of strength and growth for many years.

ASM International and its subsidiaries provide production solutions for wafer processing, assembly and packaging of semiconductor devices through their facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia. The Company is headquartered in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

  Press Release  
ASM and Microbonds Announce Strategic Alliance for X-Wire™ Technology for Package-Level Interconnect 35 kB
X-Wire™ Bonding Interconnection Technology 300 kB
ASM/SPT Data Sheet 115 kB
Small Precision Tools, Inc.
  SPT is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art ultra precision wire bonding tools used in the semiconductor packaging industry.  
  Press Release  
SPT (Small Precision Tools) and Microbonds Announce Technical Alliance on Advanced Bonding Tools & X-Wire™ Technology 29 kB
SPT/Microbonds :: Application Note - Stitch Bond Enhancement for X–Wire™ with Stitch Integrator (SI) Capillary™ 133 kB
March Plasma Systems, Inc.
  March Plasma Systems is global leader in gas plasma technology for Semiconductor, Wafer Level Packaging, Printed Circuit Board and Life Science / medical device industries. The company designs and manufactures a complete line of automated and batch plasma treatment systems, and maintains an expert staff of scientists and engineers trained in plasma science for advanced packaging and PCB technology.  
  Press Release  
March Plasma Systems and Microbonds Announce Technical Alliance on Advanced Bonding Tools & X-Wire™ Technology 234 kB
March Plasma Systems/Microbonds :: Application Note - Plasma Treatment of X–Wire™ ASM/SPT Data Sheet 106 kB
NxGEN Electronics Inc.
  NxGEN Electronics Inc. is an expert interconnect solutions provider and developer of sophisticated electronic products. NxGEN Electronics’ expertise and services drive product developments from concept all the way to fully developed, turn-key products. The company’s capabilities include design and layout services, modeling, prototype development, testing, a large range of fabrication methods and assembly. NxGEN Electronics is an innovative leader in custom packaging solutions, with focus on developing the next generation of smaller, lighter power consumption electronic products and sensors.  
  Press Release  
NxGEN Electronics Selects and Qualifies X-Wire™ Technology for Use in Microelectronic Manufacturing Services 26 kB
Mirror Semiconductor, Inc.
  Mirror Semiconductor is being launched as a joint venture between Liberty University and TopLine Corporation. Mission is to be a fabless producer of “Mirrored Pinout” integrated circuits and to license Mirrored Pinout technology to ODM, IDM, EMS, OEM and packaging foundries.  
  Press Release  
Microbonds, Mirror Semiconductor and PROMEX Industries Announce Major Packaging Technology Alliance 729 kB
Mirror Semiconductor and Microbonds Announce Alliance on Mirrored Pinout Integrated Circuits and X-Wire™ Technology 25 kB
Promex Industries, Inc.
  Promex is a leader in preparing new technologies for transfer to high-volume environments.  
  Press Release  
Microbonds, Mirror Semiconductor and PROMEX Industries Announce Major Packaging Technology Alliance 729 kB
Nitto Denko Corporation
  Nitto Denko is a global supplier of materials and equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, represented by the following products: ELEP holder tapes for backgrinding and dicing; NEL machines (Taper/Detaper/Wafer Mounter with or without peeling function/UV machine) for thin wafer application; ELEPMOUNT (2-in-1: DAF+Dicing Tape) for thin stacked chip package; REVALPHA thermal-release tapes for various applications, such as dicing, grinding and MLCC production process.  
  Press Release  
Nitto Denko Corporation and Microbonds Announce Technical Alliance on Molding Compounds & Insulated Bonding Wires 16 kB
University of Waterloo
Centre for Advanced Materials Joining [CAMJ]
  The Centre for Advanced Materials Joining at the University of Waterloo [Ontario, Canada] is directed by Prof. Y. (Norman) Zhou. The primary goal of CAMJ is to develop new and innovative technologies for materials joining. CAMJ has cutting edge laboratory facilities and research areas to collaborate with leading companies in the industry for research and development. CAMJ trains students on the undergraduate, Masters, PhD, and Post Doctoral levels and collaborates with students from foreign institutes of excellence to extend their research.  
Microelectronic Wire Bonding with Insulated Au Wire- Effects of Process Parameters on Insulation Removal and Crescent Bonding 474 kB
Pull Force and Tail Breaking Force Optimization of the Crescent Bonding Process with Insulated Au Wire 812 kB
World Gold Council
Utilize Gold Recognizes X–Wire™  
Gold Bonding Wire